Bachelor Of Computer Application

Bachelor Of Computer Application

This programme provides students with necessary skills to make successful careers as IT professionals in competitive situations with satisfying jobs. It also prepares students with the requisite background to proceed with confidence for higher studies in the form of MCA, MIT, MS in Computers, MBA, etc. and thus acquire greater competency.

The BCA course structure is spread across six semesters in three years. Each semester comprises of six papers with a balanced combination of theory and practical. The course content is regularly updated to keep pace with changes in the business environment.

Course Details

In the modern professional world, the BCA progamme has become an important preparatory level graduate course after completing Class 12, especially in the context of the IT industry.

With the exponential growth in the IT sector in our country, it is reasonable to expect that the IT industry will require a large number of competent professionals in coming years, more so at the entry level. It is in this context that BCA assumes a significant role. If one looks at the academic curriculum at the BCA programme, it is observed that the coverage is both horizontal, and sufficient vertical, so that a student is groomed for the IT industry, or for higher studies.

All the necessary foundation courses required for this is offered at the BCA level, starting from Mathematics which strengthens the background achieved at the 10+2 level, Programming Languages and Data Structures which hones the logical thinking and problem solving capabilities, various application software to give an understanding and knowledge of the tools used in the IT industry, and even hard core theory papers like Digital Logic, Computer Architecture and Operating Systems for understanding the inner workings of the computer system.

It is thus worth noting that the BCA programme both in regard of aim and scope is very focused in its approach to preparing a student for IT and other professions, either directly after graduation, or after pursuing a suitable higher degree.

Course Information

  • Class Start: Aug 10, 2018
  • Course Duration: 3 Years
  • Semester: 6 Semester
  • Downloads Syllabus: g

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