Bachelor Of Business Administration

The BBA program introduces various industry - specific management functions such as those in the areas of marketing , finance, human resources to students. This enables them to get attuned to the expectations of corporate culture . the BBA course structure is spread across six semester s in three years .

Course Details

The course content is regularly update to keep pace with changes in the business environment.

Classroom lecture , discussions on the basis of case studies and vignettes offer the students opportunities to hone the following skills like decision making , statistical Analysis , problem solving and Interpersonal relations. In addition , insight into real life industrial situations are also gained and hence , a sound launched pad is provided to undergraduates for their bright future.

Graduates from other disciplines are unlikely to possess this distinctive edge over a BBA graduates to foresee and resolve issues from a holistic perspective.

As part of the curriculum , students are often asked to make either individual or group presentations on topicds pertaining to respective subjects. This efforts goes a long way in organic development of communication skills and Interpersonal skills which are vital for a professional and also a key to survival in a competitive industrial setting.

Finally , The BBA program provides an ideal platform for pursuing higher studies in the management leading to an MBA

Course Information

  • Class Start: Aug 10, 2018
  • Course Duration: 3 Years
  • Semester: 6 Semester
  • Downloads Syllabus: g

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